Valley Village Homeowners Association General Meeting October 18th

Join us for our quarterly meeting as our guest speaker, Kristin Sales, will be presenting on a dynamic, interactive neighborhood disaster preparedness program called Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) taught by the American Red Cross. She will also briefly speak about the City’s new disaster preparedness program, Ready Your LA Neighborhood (RYLAN). RYLAN is based on the proven, widely used and acclaimed MYN program.

It brings neighbors together as you learn what to do in the very first hour of a disaster response. Neighbors customize a 9-Step Response Plan to meet the unique needs of all neighbors.They identify shared skills that can make a difference in a disaster. They practice responding to simulated events to increase their skill, safety, and confidence. RYLAN’s success starts with just one person and a single 90-minute neighborhood meeting.

The meeting takes place in the main auditorium at Colfax Elementary School on Wednesday, October 18th and will run from 645pm to 845pm.

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