Valley Village Homeowners Association HALLOWEEN HOUSE CONTEST


The Valley Village Homeowners Association is sponsoring a Halloween House contest to recognize some of the very creative decoration achievements in the neighborhood.  

Over the years, many residents have created more and more elaborate front yard designs, and the VVHA would like to celebrate these efforts and ingenuity.  This will be the first such contest in Valley Village, and we hope it will become an annual event.

This year’s contest will offer three top prizes (gift cards to local businesses), and as many Honorable Mentions as the judging committee deems appropriate.  Each of the top prizes will include a one-year membership to the VVHA.

The contest is open to all homes located in Valley Village.  To enter, send your name, street address, email address, and a photo of your exterior decoration to halloween@valleyvillageha.com by noon, November 1, 2017.  Winners will be notified by November 5th, and photos of the winning entries will be posted on VVHA’s website, Facebook page, and in the next issue of The Valley Villager.  Of course, bragging rights are the prerogative of the respective parties….

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