Important Flight Path Meeting Thursday Night in Burbank

Dear Valley Village Residents,
If you read the latest Valley Villager newsletter, you should be concerned about the prospects of more aircraft noise over our community.
The Studio City Residents Association and Studio City for Quiet Skies are advocating for vectoring almost all Burbank Airport departures over the 101.  Much of Valley Village would be severely impacted.  There is already enough aircraft noise; we do not need more.
The FAA and the airport are holding a public meeting about the flight paths at the Buena Vista Public Library this coming Thursday, October 18, from 6-8PM.
I will be there and speak on our behalf. NCVV will also be represented.
The public comment segment will be preceded by a presentation about the flight paths. I can assure you Studio City residents will be there in force, making it all the more important that as many of you as possible attend.
I learned that speakers will be limited to 3 minutes, but that time could be cut. If you are interested in making a statement, I suggest arriving very early and filling out speaker cards as soon as they are available.
I will also share any updates at the VVHA quarterly meeting. PLEASE NOTE the change in venue for the VVHA meeting on Wednesday, October 17th: Faith Presbyterian Church, 5000 Colfax Avenue, diagonally across from Colfax Charter School.  refreshments at 6:45, meeting from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.
RECAP of meeting times:
• 10/17 VVHA: 7-9pm, doors open by 6:45.
• 10/18 Buena Vista Library Airport meeting from 6-8pm.
Thank you.
Paul Hatfield
President, VVHA

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