Valley Village Homeowners Association Officers and Board Elections

Dear Member of Valley Village Homeowners Association:
January is election time for our Association.  The election of Officers and the Board will be held at the January 16, 2019 meeting. The focus is on recruiting candidates to provide strong leadership as we move forward.  
The Association’s Board monitors City and State issues such as mansionization and development, soundwalls and airport expansion. We also organize beautification projects, activities, like the July 4th Parade, and much more. We get the word out about neighborhood news and meetings through our quarterly newsletter, The Valley Villager.  
The residents of Valley Village need to maintain the strength of our political influence and independent voice. When City officials need our votes they hear our voices and our concerns. It takes an Association of interested and involved members to maintain the quality of life we all enjoy. Surely you can spare some time for the benefit of Valley Village.
Serving on the Board is a two-year commitment. Board meetings are held every other month. Membership meetings are four times a year. Nominees must be paid-up members of Valley Village Homeowners Association and be willing to serve. 
If you are interested in becoming an Officer or Boardmember or would like to nominate someone, please email at mail@valleyvillageha.com
Come join us and be a part of the team!

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