VVHA General Meeting Wed., January 16: Board Elections & Statements

Join us Wednesday, January 16, 2019 for our quarterly general meeting including elections for our upcoming term. Refreshments at 6:30pm, meeting at 7:00pm

PLEASE NOTE MEETING VENUE: Faith Presbyterian Church

5000 Colfax Avenue (across the street from Colfax Charter School)

Valley Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors Election

Term: January 2019- December 2020

Election Date: January 16, 2019


Candidate Statements


Officers (One for each office)



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Vice President

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Gil Shorr: I have lived in Valley Village as a center and homeowner for the past 30+ years and have watched tbe Village grow and change. I have volunteered most of my adult life for causes and organizations to which l feel I can make a contribution, and joining the board of the Valley Village Homeowners Association four years ago was a perfect move. If re-elected, I will continue to use my past working experience as an administrator, collaborator, writer and copy editor to the position of Member at Large. And as editor of The Valley Villager, I will do what I can to join with others to design creative ways to boost the outreach of the Association and awareness of life in in our very special Valley Village.



Ellen Wilbeim: Valley Village has been my home for 32 years and I have cherished our tree-lined streets and our strong sense of community. Most of all, I enjoy my neighbors. For the last six years serving as Secretary of the Association, I have acted as the President’s right arm. For a change of pace, I am running for the position of Treasurer. In this capacity I hope to develop and monitor a budget and ensure that your dues money continues to be spent wisely. The major expenses are insurances, the parade, newsletter printing and postage, room rentals and food for general membership meetings. Other expenses periodically appear such as stationery printing and website costs. I believe you will find me responsible and vigilant. It is an honor to serve on the VVHA Board of Directors. Thank you.


Boardmembers at Large (Six seats available)

Dorothy Apple: I grew up in Toluca Lake and attended our local public schools. I am a resident of Valley Village and work in the community. I have been a board member of the Valley Village Homeowners Association since 2012 and the VVHA July 4th Parade chair for the last six years. Ihave served on the NCVV board since 2007, and was secretary for eight years; I serve on the City Services and Planning & Land Use committees. I am involved in the Valley Village Neighborhood Watch Program and Community Emergency Response Team, and work closely with our local LAPD and LAFD officials. Ibelieve smart development, safer streets, good schools and sound infrastructure are key to keeping the integrity of our community intact. I believe that developers should abide by the Valley Village Specific Plan (now being updated as the Community Plan) and rarely an exception should be made. I look forward to being an advocate for homeowners and stakeholders in Valley Village, to ensure that our neighborhood remains one of the most desirable in the city of Los Angeles.

Glenn Block: My wife. Nickie, and I have been homeowners in Valley Village for more than 12 years_ OUT children, Maddy (15) and Beckett (10), have attended local schools – Colfax Elementary and Walter Reed Middle SchooL I’ve served on the Neighborhood Council Valley Village Board since 2016. Now, I’d like to contribute my knowledge and experience with planning and land use issues as a member of the VVHA Board. My goal is to ensure that the neighborhood character of Valley Village is preserved and protected from out-of-scale development Ihope to have the opportunity to serve on the VVHA Board on your behalf

Beth Fulton: Hello Valley Village Neighbors, I am running for the Board of the Valley Village Homeowners Association in hopes of continuing the work of this wonderful community organization. In the past, I have worked on the Neighborhood Council Valley Village Planning and Land Use committee and hope that experience will help me to assist the VVHA to keep the neighborhood in line with the Specific Plan. I also believe that the beautiful mature trees in our neighborhood are an integral part of the beauty of this area and hope to work on finding a way to protect as many as possible. Additionally I look forward to planting many new trees.

Paul Hatfield: I have lived in Valley Village since 1986. For ten of those years, I served the community as the Treasurer and At­ Large member of the Neighborhood CounciL 1t became apparent to me that the city ‘s bureaucracy was an obstacle to sustaining our quality of life. The most effective way to be heard and respected in our city is through organization and participation. If re-elected, increasing our membership and expanding communication will remain priorities for the board. The more members we have, the more likely it is our elected officials will listen to us. This is more important today than ever before because the challenges facing us have increased and the City wants to increase density in a manner that will add to already growing congestion.

Sandy Hubbard: I have been a homeowner/resident in Valley Village since 2000, during which time my son attended Walter Reed MS and North Hollywood HS and I was elected to serve on the Neighborhood Council VaHey Village, chairing the Valley Village Vision Committee and serving on the City Services Committee. Prior to moving to Valley Village, I served as President of the Lake View Terrace Improvement Association, working successfully on several major community projects, including the closure of Lopez Canyon Landfill, opening of Hansen Dam Lake, helped lay the groundwork for the Lake View Terrace Library, and worked through to completion the Sunland-Tujunga-Lake View Terrace Community Plan, garnering valuable experience to use in Valley Village. With the growth of the North Hollywood/Valley Glen/Studio City/Sherman Oaks communities and both existing and new transportation corridors that surround Valley Village, I am interested in ensuring the .fundamental cohesiveness of the NoHo Community Plan and Valley Village Specific Plan’s abilities to retain and safeguard our unique community characteristics, and would look forward to serving with other board members to achieve that goaL I would appreciate your vote to serve another term on the VVHA Board and would serve the community to the best of my ability to do so.

Morgan Loy: Morgan Loy has enjoyed living in Val1ey Village for over 3 years as a first-time homeowner. The character of the homes and neighborhood feel, drew him and his family to the area. If Morgan were elected, he would bring unique experience to the board. He is au Oklahoma native, who has also lived in Nashville and New York. He’s currently a Regional Property Manager at a premier international real estate firm. That experience brings a thorough understanding of project management, construction and development Morgan would like to use this knowledge to help preserve the beauty of Valley Village, while also contributing to exciting neighborhood-focused projects. He enjoys spending time with his family, playing music, basketball, and international traveL Morgan is excited about the opportunity to be a Board Member of the Valley Village Homeowners Association!

Jimmy Martinez: I would lik.e to be a part of the VVHA Board because I value a safe, clean, quiet, and peaceful community where my family and I can have a wonderful life. My vision for Valley Village is to keep it low density, sweet, charming, and speciaL A small town within a city. A place where residents can feel like they are out of the frenetic and crazy city. It should be a place where families, children and the elderly are deeply valued, protected and respected. Where tradition and warmth and respect and good old-fashioned courtesy are commonplace. It’s not a populilr opinion but if there are too many people and businesses, it gets too crowded. Valley Village should be all about elbow room. A place where a kid can ride their bike. A place where a mother can walk her child to school and not be in fear or have to worry. If people want hustle and bustle and a party scene, they can go to Hollywood. Valley Village is the place where people want to raise a family, feel safe, and have some peace and quiet.

Marc Woersching: I am running for re-election to the Board of Directors in order to continue efforts to improve the quality of planning and development in Valley Village. I am an urban planner with the City of Los Angeles. Prior to being on the Board, I served with the Board as a consultant, working on projects to remove the unsightly billboards from the Chandler Boulevard median, curb mansionizatiou in Valley Village and propose amendments to the Specific Plan. Since 2008, I have also been serving as the Association’s representative on Neighborhood Council Valley Village- since 2001 on its Planning Committee and since 201 I on its Vision Committee. Working with the chair of the Vision Committee, we prepared an architectural design manual to encourage the construction of buildings in Valley Village that have architectural quality. In 2016, I became the chair of the Vision Committee. Currently I am a member of a special committee to monitor and make recommendations for the restudy of the North Hollywood-Valley Village Community Plan.















“Communicate, Participate, Legislate”

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