Thank You Sen. Portantino for Listening to the People

Click on this map to see the disaster that was averted this year

The body of this email was sent to us by PreserveLA.


State Sen. Anthony Portantino sent the right signal by putting the brakes on state Sen. Scott Wiener’s over-reaching law, SB 50. Thousands of renters and homeowners in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties thank Mr. Portantino for his insight, courage and common sense.

The misguided Senate Bill 50 is a demolition derby that would run roughshod over local planning, displace thousands of renters thanks to unenforceable “protections” and upend thousands of thriving single-family neighborhoods statewide.

A bill that will cost the state and cities untold millions and is a massive experiment with peoples’ daily lives doesn’t deserve to be rushed to the Senate floor for a vote. It deserves to die.

Jill Stewart, executive director of Coalition to Preserve LA, said, “We can’t solve the affordability crisis by destroying rental housing and family homes to make way for 5-story to 8-story luxury towers. SB 50 is a gentrification bill that digs a deeper hole in our crisis. Thank you, Sen. Portantino, for listening to communities big and small, middle-class and working-class, and having the courage to say no to SB 50.”

Our democracy should be about thoughtful deliberation and transparency. SB 50 is a bizarre experiment that mandates that local planning and zoning powers be handed directly to private developers. It muzzles the least powerful among us. Sen. Portantino went with democracy, and spoke up.

Check this map to see if you’re in a SB 50 demolition zone

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