Stop AB 1487 – It Turns Incompetent Transit Bureaus into Housing Czars



Please join Livable California and dozens of other groups fighting unelected transit bureaucrats who want to decide where and how much luxury housing to build in our communities. They can’t run the trains on time — yet now they seek vast new housing powers.

Fact: Bay Area transit use is in a free-fall: San Francisco Chronicle.

Fact: L.A. transit ridership has plunged below 1985 levels: L.A. Times.

Should these inept bureaucrats, who know nothing about housing, now decide how and where to build housing? AB 1487 is truly a frightening concept.

Please write to key legislators, in one easy visit here to our automatic-letter site at Livable California. And yes, add your own words to kill AB 1487!

How awful is AB 1487? A respected State of California legislative bill analyst ripped it apart:

  • AB 1487 creates a bureaucracy that voters don’t elect, then gives this unaccountable bureaucracy the power to repeatedly place taxes on the ballotThe analyst warns: Voters don’t get to decide if these bureaucrats “should have these powers in the first place.” Should they? NO. Read the expose at 48Hills.org.
  • This bureaucracy “could use tax dollars raised in Solano County on projects in Santa Clara County,” with no guarantee that this unelected body “will distribute regional funding equitably across the region.” A disaster.
  • Excuse us, but what is the goal here? All of the powers AB 1487 grants to this new unelected transit government “are tools that local agencies already have at the local level,” the state analyst bluntly warned.

This is a power grab by transit bureaucrats who haven’t got a clue. Oppose it hereOnce it’s allowed in Northern California, it will quickly spread to Southern California.

While you’re visiting the Livable California website, please go to Map of the Moment — Scott Wiener’s horrific SB 50 is not deadTogether we stopped Wiener this spring. Soon we’ll soon ask you to Kill SB 50 for good, via social media and letters!

To do more, call the legislators on the Senate Appropriations Committee, which is hearing these bills.
Tell them you oppose AB 1487 and SB 50:

Anthony J. Portantino (Chair)  (916) 651-4025

Patricia C. Bates (VC)             (916) 651-4036

Steven Bradford                    (916) 651-4035

Maria Elena Durazo                (916) 651-4024

Jerry Hill                               (916) 651-4013

Brian W. Jones                       (916) 651-4038

Bob Wieckowski                     (916) 651-4010

Please forward this alert to your own list of concerned friends.



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