We need everyone to tell Sacramento to stop this relentless march against our diverse communities

The context of this message came from Livable California, and we are reprinting it here.
Please call or email today.


Take a FINAL ACTION to kill SB 592, Scott Wiener’s terrible “gut-and-amend” bill to silence communities & hand developers the keys


In these final few hours of the session in Sacramento, fatally flawed SB 592 was sent to the Assembly Rules Committee! This is your last chance to cripple SB 592 and halt the governor’s pen!

Call in your opposition message to:

Speaker Anthony Rendon’s Capitol Office: (916) 319-2063

Speaker Rendon’s District Office in SoCal: (562) 529-3250

Call Gov. Newsom during office hours only, at: (916) 445-2841

Email Gov. Gavin Newsom: https://govapps.gov.ca.gov/gov40mail/

Or alert Gov. Newsom and his top aide, Ann O’Leary via FB or Twitter by adding their handles to your posts: @CAGovenor, @GavinNewsom, @Ann_OLeary


Choose a message(s) from the Wiener SB 592 disasters we list below.

SB 592 lets developers overrun communities with pricey buildings, gentrifying low-income & starter-home areas we MUST protect. Wiener’s bill doesn’t require ONE SINGLE unit of affordable housing. Pls Oppose!

Please oppose SB 592 by Scott Wiener: It encourages developers to sue if a city rejects a luxury apartment too big for a site! SB 592 is a system for enriching litigious developers. Pls stop this bill!

SB 592 lets big dorm-style luxury projects overrun neighborhoods, destroying vulnerable & diverse communities. Please stop Wiener from exporting Bay Area’s failed housing experiments to every city statewide.

San Francisco City planners warn that SB 592 lets developers demolish a typical 1,200 sq-ft home to build a mansionas long as it contains a luxury mini-unit. This flatly destroys affordable homes! Pls oppose!

Scott Wiener’s terrible SB 592 lets developers override good planning: apartments can be squeezed on small parcels, ignoring setbacks, height, trees, greenery and good planning. Pls Oppose!

Bills that silence diverse areas SHOULD NEVER rush thru via gut-and-amend. Wiener’s radical SB 592 does not require ONE UNIT of affordable housing. I READ the fine print, and you must too! Pls oppose!



Our mission is to build local empowerment to shape truly affordable, sustainable communities built upon social equity and a chance at the American dream.




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