Community Plan Update

We only have until November 1st to comment on the Community Plan Update Concept Workshop concepts…make sure you get your comments in so they can be discussed and perhaps incorporated before final decisions are crafted by the City Planning Department.

Click here for a link to the Display Boards that we saw at the Concept Workshops.

Please make sure you take this opportunity to let the Community Planners know your thoughts.

• If you don’t like that macmansion next to you, let them know.
• If you want to see –or don’t want to see– taller mixed-use buildings on Laurel Canyon, fill in your comments on the form below.
• If you want to see slower traffic — or more/less sidewalks — more/less streetlights (specify the older style short lights like on Agnes/Ben, or newer taller brighter lights like on Magnolia) — trees — parks — underground utilities — restaurants — single-family homes — multi-family homes — small lots …. NOW is the time to tell them. This phase expires on November 1st, and then they begin working on crafting the details behind the ideas. So, GET YOUR IDEAS AND CONCERNS in NOW!

Click here to leave your comments.


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