(UPDATED) VVHA Presentation to the San Fernando Valley Airplane Noise Task Force

Thank you to all who attended last night’s meeting of the Burbank Airport Noise Task Force.  Your presence made VVHA’s presentation a BIG success.  The Task Force was able to see that Valley Village will show up and fight for reasonability and equitability in the sharing of air traffic noise.

There is much to do moving forward and your presence will be imperative if we want to make an impact on decisions about who gets how much air traffic.

We will keep you informed about the next steps as they unfold.

Whether or not you were able to attend, PLEASE email the Task Force at: taskforce@bur.org with your comments. You can also email our Councilmember (and Task Force Member) Paul Krekorian at Paul.Krekorian@lacity.org.


Click here for the Task Force meeting agenda. Click here to see a video of the entire Task Force meeting. Call to order begins at 00:01:22 in the video. The VVHA presentation begins at 01:47:51 in the video.

Click here to review the VVHA presentation in pdf format. Or see below for the slideshow that was presented.





Comments from VVHA members who attended:

Hi Beth, I was at the meeting.  Heard your presentation *(excellent) but had to leave before you ended the question and answer. Was there anything you closed with or requested from the audience that I should know?  Is there anything I can help with?  Barbara Gauthier


Beth – you guys knocked it out of the park tonight – Congrats!  I filled out a speaker card as instructed and spoke saying that my primary residence is in VV but also own & manage in SC so I hope to find an equitable solution between both neighbors regarding aviation pathway & noise. Again – good job! Sincerely, Bill & Patricia Aronis


Beth, you did an amazing job last night! Great points and recommendations, and loved your passion and spunk! Proud neighbor and friend, xo Kendra


Thanks for your presentation Beth. It was a little frustrating to see how the other communities reacted to us, but glad we are fighting for fair distribution of noise. Cathleen Cull


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