TUESDAY is when you speak against the two worst 2020 Housing Bills, SB 902 and SB 1120

Get in the phone queue about 9:30 am Tuesday. Wait for your turn, then urge the Assembly Local Government Committee to oppose SB 1120Then call back (we estimate 4-5 hours later, see below), get back in the phone queue and listen for SB 902 to be called to testify against it. 


[Oppose SB 1120 (morning) & SB 902 (afternoon)]:


CORRECTION to Number : 1-877-692-8957, and enter Access Code: 13154202}

(You’ll get a non-working response if you call too early. Problems? Check the state site: https://alcl.assembly.ca.gov/)

To listen via livestream for SB 902 to come up, CLICK HERE, then repeat the previous instruction to call in.

Tips on how to speak: Do NOT say your name and “I oppose” or the chair may cut off your mic. Use the word “oppose” or “against” only at the END of your comment.

Instead: A. Say your name; B. Say any group or area you belong to; C. Say what you believe is needed — and that this bill fails, and makes things worse. THEN say “oppose.”

RECAP: Say your name, say your thoughts quickly, then say “I/We Oppose.”


When you call, you’ll be placed in a “waiting room” where you’ll be muted, but you can listen to the hearing. When the hearing moves to public comment, a moderator will ask those wishing to testify in “Support” to press 1-0. After the SUPPORTERS speak, the moderator will ask those in “Opposition” to press 1-0.

Do NOT press 1-0 during the Support segment. And do NOT press 1-0 TWICE “to be sure,” or the system will cut you from the queue!

Press 1-0, just once!


Then wait awhile until an operator comes on to speak to you. The operator will assign you a random “line number” and place you in the queue! WRITE DOWN YOUR LINE NUMBER, IT’S VERY EASY TO FORGET, so you don’t miss your LINE NUMBER when it’s called! Then listen for your line number. Relax. Water plants! Make a sandwich. But listen for your LINE NUMBER. When you hear your LINE NUMBER make sure your own phone is UNMUTED.



Order bills will be heard Aug. 11 by the Assembly Local Government Committee:

  1. SB 1120 Atkins. Subdivisions: tentative maps. (See our summary below of this terrible bill that seeks to achieve Wiener’s SB 50 central goal: to disrupt homes with yards, and instead impose density — everywhere.)
  2. SB 146 Beall. Regional transportation plans: sustainable communities strategies: procedural requirements.
  3. SB 1385 Caballero. Local planning: housing: commercial zones.
  4. SB 1049 Glazer. Cities and counties: ordinances: short-term rentals.
  5. SB 1349 Glazer. Transactions and use taxes: County of Contra Costa.
  6. SB 928 Committee on Governance and Finance. Validations.
  7. SB 929 Committee on Governance and Finance. Validations.
  8. SB 930 Committee on Governance and Finance. Validations.
  9. SB 1473 Committee on Governance and Finance. Local Gov’t Omnibus Act of 2020.
  10. SB 998 Moorlach. Local government: investments.
  11. SB 1386 Moorlach. Local government: assessments, fees, and charges: water: hydrants.
  12. SB 1212 Rubio. Joint powers authorities: San Gabriel Valley Regional Housing Trust: board of directors.
  13. SB 1307 Rubio. Street lighting systems: City of Rosemead.
  14. SB 902 Wiener. Planning and zoning: housing development: density. (See our summary of this terrible bill that seeks to achieve Wiener’s other SB 50 core dream, of 10-unit luxury buildings — allowed everywhere.)


SB 1120 Summary

Crushes single-family zoning, a threat to 7.5 to 8 million homeowners at all income levels. State Sen. Scott Wiener, co-author of SB 1120, has called yards and single-family homes “immoral.” SB 1120 allows 4 market-rate homes where 1 home now stands (it allows 8 units, if your city has its own local “granny flat” law). SB 1120 requires NO affordable homes in the year of COVID-19 — a disgrace. SB 1120 forces home-buyers to compete directly against rental giants like Irvine Company and Blackstone, who will be empowered to buy single-family homes, split the land, and build a total of four market-rate homes — no garage, no yard. The bill does NOT restrict buyers to build affordable-sounding “duplexes.” That spin is false, and is not in the bill. The reckless SB 1120 opens all single-family streets to speculation frenzy.


SB 902 Summary

Allows a simple majority on any of California’s 400-plus city councils to overturn dozens of cherished voter-approved ballot measures that protect open space, shorelines and other lands. This bill, in easy-to-miss language, takes an ugly bite out of our 108-year-old California voter right to the initiative. This troubling bill also allows, at the same time, a simple majority on any city council to rezone “any parcel” to 10-unit luxury apartments, overriding other zoning and inviting upheaval in older, diverse, multi-family areas and quiet, single-family areas. SB 902, like SB 1120, requires NO affordability in the year of COVID-19, a disgrace. Many now predict that within months, luxury housing developers will begin making attempts to elect new city council members for the sole purpose of upending voter ballot measures that protect open space, and to upend city-adopted community plans and general plans that do not allow 10-unit luxury projects. Just as with SB 1120, this bill opens California to speculation frenzy.