The Assembly VOTES tomorrow SB 1120

You’ve all done so much…the Assembly cancelled its vote Tues. due to YOUR outcry!  Unfortunately, it seems that there is LITTLE TIME left to call and write assembly members. 

According to Assemblymember Nazarian’s office, Emma states that the Assemblymember hasn’t taken a position on the legislation yet but has expressed a lot of concern about several of the housing bills that are going to come before the Assembly before Monday. 
Email his office: Emma.Taylor@asm.ca.gov and Assemblymember.Nazarian@assembly.ca.gov


  • Call Assemblymember Nazarian at (916) 319-2046 and (818) 376-4246. If you do not reach his staff, leave a msg citing your opinion of SB 1120 and your Valley Village zip code.  (See talking points below.)
  • Email Assemblymember Nazarian’s office here: Emma.Taylor@asm.ca.gov and Assemblymember.Nazarian@assembly.ca.gov
  • Email an easy OPPOSE SB 1120 LETTER HERE to all Assembly members.

Here are some Talking Points against SB 1120:

  • Last year’s defeated SB 50 was broken into 9 bills. By pushing the 9 bills through this summer, Legislators seem to be rushing these changes through under cover of COVID-19. It’s devastating to have our voices muted by not being able to go to our official’s offices or to be shuffled to the end of the zoom meetings (which sometimes end before the caller can be heard).
  • The recent McKinsey report on needed housing units claims that California needs 3.5M housing units. The need turns out to be  1.2M, which can be reached without upheaval through the current ADU and housing programs.
  • Our real need is for low-income/affordable housing units. Market rate units are already built over the necessary capacity in the Los Angeles area. Additionally, building more market rate housing will NOT cause the existing market rate housing to magically become affordable housing — if that was a viable solution, there would already be affordable housing in Manhattan, San Francisco and DTLA.
  • Infrastructure improvements need to be planned in conjunction with all development projects. Having the State create mandates for planning, coupled with removing local control over planning, will cause the City to incur the expense of having to react to infrastructure issues without funding.
  • Parking will be greatly impacted.

Click here to see a PDF demonstrating the impacts of SB 1120 on Los Angeles communities. Please be patient, the file is large and takes some time to load. The presentation was generously donated for community use by Isaiah Madison and John Gonzales of South LA Alliance for Locally Planned Growth.



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