SB 1120 Failed this year

Thank you to all of you who called, emailed and wrote to our elected officials regarding the recent slate of housing bills that UP-ZONED all Single Family neighborhoods.

One of the worst, SB1120, was defeated this week.  Our State Assemblymember, Adrin Nazarian, spoke eloquently against the bill.

Affordable housing is a critical component to a quality lifestyle.  Unfortunately none of the recent bills did much to deliver relief to the cost of housing.  Each of these bills was co-written by developers or a developer lobbyist for speculation.

To be clear, VVHA believes we must find a solution to our affordable housing crisis– but we must find a responsible solution that takes into account current density, growth projections, infrastructure requirements and environmental factors.  We look forward to working with our elected officials to find better answers and to write better legislation.

Again, THANK YOU! Community activisim really does work.

Postscript: This bill and perhaps a couple other bad housing bills were defeated Monday night on a procedural technicality. They, or others like them, will be back in the next session–perhaps like this one, at the 11th hour. It will be important for the community to work together in bringing our ideas for better legislation to our Assemblymembers and Senators NOW, as well as our Councilmembers, so that the legislation that is passed next year will be good for BOTH affordable housing AND the existing community that will need to support those efforts.