Please call in to the Cultural Heritage Planning Commission Hearing

Two very important historical SFV monument requests will be heard in front of the Historical Commission on Thursday, April 15th, and your public comment is requested for both.

The commissioners will look at community input as important to help them make a decision on the determinations.  The more comments the better.

Please note that the timing of the agenda items is not exact. We will update this post with a link to join the Zoom call when the agenda comes out later this week.

Item #6 on the agenda is the Valley Village proposed monument status for the Oak trees on Magnolia at Colfax, on the Magnolia side of North Hollywood High School. The file number is CHC-2020-7441-HCM. The property address is 11755-11805 West Magnolia Boulevard, Valley Village. We can call in and speak during public comment, or submit a letter in advance, requesting that the CHPC submit for City Council consideration a recommendation to declare the Magnolia Boulevard Oak Trees a Historic-Cultural Monument.

Also, item #8 is the Weddington Golf and Tennis Club. The file number is CHC-2020-7764-HCM. The property address is 4047-4155 North Whitsett Avenue; 12506-12630 West Valley Spring Lane, Studio City.

A member of the Studio City Residents Association has asked us to call in or write in with comments ONLY about the historical significance of the Weddington Golf and Tennis Club to our community (NOT about the HW development plan at this hearing).

Your own personal testimony about the historic and cultural value of the site is most essential to what the Commission will be interested in hearing, although we will be updating this post with talking points in a few days. If you cannot attend, you can still submit a written comment. In fact, there is a 1-click email template (for the Weddington Golf & Tennis Club hearing) that you can add to by clicking here:

PHOTOGRAPH: Magnolia Boulevard Oak Trees, 11701-57 Magnolia Boulevard, Apr 28, 2017 (Photograph by Charles J. Fisher)