SB 9 and SB 10 do NOTHING to create low-income housing or even affordable housing. ¬†There are better ways to accomplish AFFORDABLE HOUSING without overdensifying our city.¬†Here’s a solution we’d like to encourage (click on the embedded link).

Below is a 2-minute video assembled by United Neighbors that explains what could happen if the bills are passed in their current form; click to play.



For more information, please visit our partners LivableCalifornia.org and UnitedNeighbors.net. The letter below and others like it have been submitted to the CA Legislature, as we continue to work on housing impacts and quality-of-life issues in Valley Village. At this time, it may help for concerned neighbors to write personal, and polite, notes to the following Senators, explaining our concerns and that there is value to all neighborhoods with all types of housing. Of primary importance will be both environmental (heat-island effects) and infrastructure growth concerns, as we in California face yet another drought.



Click on image to read the VVRA letter: