ACTION ALERT: Toni Atkins and Scott Wiener’s bill SB 9 (Son of SB 1120), will be quickly heard in the Assembly Local Government Committee on Wed. June 9, at 1:30 pm.

The public had no time to send their Opposition letters to the Assembly Local Government Committee. The committee’s agenda is set for June 9.

We urge you to send an opposition letter TODAY, addressed to Assembly Local Government Chair Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, via an email to the committee staffer who is still accepting letters from the public:

Please send your letter opposing SB 9 to Hank Brady NOW! If you need some extra language for your letter, please see some good points against SB 9 at the bottom of this blast.

SB 9’s authors have mounted a campaign to sell the SB 9 as modest change. The bill’s wording tries to imply SB 9 allows duplexes on split lots in single-family areas. This is INCORRECT. We and others have verified that SB 9 allows 6 units with no yard and no garage, on every single-family lot in California. In addition, Livable California found that cities can combine SB 9 with the state’s ADU (granny flat) law to allow 8 units where 1 home is today.

SB 9 is an unprecedented and destabilizing attack on 7 million California single-family households, white, Black, Latino and Asian. SB 9 is NOT an equity bill. It’s a bulldozer bill.

NEXT ACTION is on June 9: After writing today to, get ready for 1:30 pm Weds., June 9 when we will all TESTIFY by phone against SB 9.

We will send an ALERT the moment the Assembly Committee releases a public phone number for you to call in. Watch this space folks! Things are moving FAST!

Using your own words, feel free to borrow our facts below, which undo Senator Wiener’s spin:

SB 9: This divisive bill, which died in 2020 as SB 1120, crushes single-family zoning in California, a threat to 7 million homeowners. Wiener has called yards and single-family homes “immoral.” SB 9 is not a “duplex” bill. It allows 4 market-rate homes where 1 now stands (up to 6 units, if developers use a hidden “two-step” that Livable California’s volunteer attorneys spotted). Not one single unit will be affordable housing, a disgrace. SB 9 is the beginning of the end of homeownership in California, as investors and pension funds jump into bidding wars against families. Facing withering criticism, author Toni Atkins, in a Sacramento Bee op-ed, said her bill gives “homeowners the opportunity to reimagine their property.” No. Only the rich and developers can finance full-sized homes in the yard. SB 9 is a senseless gamble against 21M people living in 7 million homes they own.

Strongly Oppose.